The Necessity to Hire a Carpet Deodorizing Service

April 25, 2023
Carpet Deodorizing Service

Does your carpet smell unpleasant? Then, it can be a result of leftover stains or pet accidents.

But whatever the cause is, there is no denying that smelly carpets don’t make a good first impression. And to remove this musty odor from the carpet, you need help from the experts.

So, if you have a carpet that smells foul, you should check out these reasons to hire a carpet deodorizing service and learn why it is a worthwhile investment for a fresh-smelling carpet.

1. Right Equipment & Products

There is always a question of DIY v.s. Professional carpet cleaning and which is more effective. But when you try to remove the musty smell from the carpet yourself, the products you use may not have any effect on the odor due to their lower efficiency compared to the ones that experts use.

Meanwhile, pros have the right tools and products required to eliminate the musty odor from your carpet. Experts have access to the latest commercial-grade deodorizers and powerful machines, which can remove any stench from its roots without damaging the carpet.

2. Knowledge & Experience

The thing with carpet stains is that they can be completely different, and you may require a unique approach to cleaning them and removing the odors associated with these stains. The wrong method may damage the carpet and even further enhance the unpleasant smell.

Trained experts, on the other hand, know the correct way to deal with foul smells. With their knowledge and experience, pros know the best ways to treat musty odors. They use an appropriate amount of cleaner and water to effectively remove the odor without staining the carpet.

3. Ensures your Safety

Mold and mildew–types of fungi can also be the reason for the unpleasant smell. Mold can be injurious to your health if you inhale or touch it while attempting to remove the unpleasant odor. Moreover, dealing with mold without any protection can even cause severe respiratory issues.

Pros can handle removing mold from your carpet, as they use the necessary safety equipment to remove mold growth. Along with that, they thoroughly remove every mold spore from the carpet to ensure the health of your family as well as remove the musty odor.

4. Prevents Future Odor

Sometimes the stain responsible for the foul odor can set deeper into the carpet fibers. And just surface cleaning won’t be enough to remove the odor from your carpet completely. While it may look like you have removed the stain, some particles remain and continue to cause the stench.

But, experts use cleaning methods that remove the stubborn stains from deep within the carpet on the first attempt. They identify the root cause of the problem and eliminate it to prevent the odor from disturbing you in the future. Pros also give you advice on steps for preventing the smell in the future.

5. Saves Time

Cleaning your carpet to remove the musty odor from it is a time-consuming task. It can feel even more like a chore when you don’t have the necessary tools and products to get rid of the smell efficiently. Also, the time you invest in deodorizing your carpet may not pay off, and you may have to spend more time cleaning it.

Hiring trained experts to eliminate the unpleasant stench from the carpet takes the worry of cleaning and removing odor from the carpet off your shoulder. Professionals deodorize your carpet so you can spend time doing other important tasks.

Get Fresh Smelling Carpets with Carpet Cleaning Experts

Our skilled and experienced experts will help you keep your carpet smelling fresh 24*7. At Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration, we are an experienced professional carpet cleaning company.

Our cleaning experts can clean and deodorize your carpets efficiently and at an affordable range. So, contact us at (815) 575-0568 to book our carpet deodorizing service.

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