DIY Vs Professional Carpet Cleaning – Which Is More Effective?

Wall-to-wall carpets are the most commonly found item at home or office. They take the most abuse from dirt and suffer major wear and tear in high-traffic areas. Therefore, keeping them clean and in pristine condition is important.

There are two options when carpet cleaning is concerned. You can either go down the DIY path or opt for professional carpet cleaning services. So in this blog, you will understand which option is more effective- DIY or professional.

DIY Vs Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

1. Cleaning Equipment

It is just not logical to buy a carpet cleaning machine if you don’t use the carpet regularly. So renting is the best option for people opting for DIY. However, this equipment and tools may not be the best of quality. Also, you would need proper guidance to use them by yourself.

Professionals have the training to use industry-grade tools, equipment, and solutions. Therefore, the result that we get is of greater quality than DIY.

2. Costing

When it comes to DIY, the process is comparatively cheaper than professional carpet cleaning. However, always remember to add in the cost of cleaning solution as well as the rent of the cleaning machine.

In the case of professional carpet cleaning, the cost may seem higher in the beginning. But the machine they use and the quality of service you receive neutralizes it. Moreover, it is cost-effective in the long run as the lifespan of carpet increases with better cleaning and maintenance.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

3. Reliability And Convenience

With DIY, we can rent out the machine whenever possible and clean the carpet as and when you wish. So if guests or important clients are coming over, you can do last-minute cleaning of the carpet.

Even though professionals provide flexible working time to suit your schedule, it still needs to be within their working hours. Plus, calling them last minute doesn’t work with them.

Professional Help For Cleaner Carpet!

Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration, LLC provides excellent professional carpet cleaning service to the residents of Elgin and the nearby areas. 2o years of experience have helped them gain a great reputation among the carpeting community.

Check our cleaning process here and schedule a deep clean for your carpet at (815) 575 0568. We serve both residential and commercial clients. Follow us on Facebook to know new updates about our services.

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