Amazing Facts About Natural Stone Floor Cleaning

March 21, 2022
Amazing Facts About Natural Stone Floor Cleaning

Natural stone tiles have become increasingly popular over the last few decades. While a majority of folks think of marble and granite, which are only available to the wealthy. Yet, with the introduction of fresh and more economical natural stone tile alternatives, they are now widely employed. A few facts need to be known before attempting DIY for natural stone floor cleaning.

However, many individuals are still perplexed whenever it comes to cleaning real stone floors. They lack the necessary knowledge, which causes them to make errors. As a result, their lovely natural stone tiles might get ruined. This blog has a few facts about natural stone cleaning which will help users to maintain their flooring easily.

Things To Know About Natural Stone Floor Cleaning

Varieties of Natural Stone

Natural stones come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Because they are composed of various elements, you will need to employ several cleaning strategies for effective natural stone cleaning.

Stone’s shine is not due to a sealant 

Natural stone sealants simply help to protect the surfaces. They do not however color or polish the stone, and they don’t create its glow.

Matte or Polished?

Certain natural stones have a glossy appearance, while others have a matte appearance. The natural stone floor cleaning process now is determined by the stone’s finish. Because polished stones require more maintenance than matte stones, they require more attentiveness during floor tile cleaning.

Natural Stone Tiles Stain Easily 

As a result, your stone floors should be sealed appropriately. The permeable surface of the stone is covered with sealant, which renders it more stain-proof. Every season or so, get your stone flooring resealed by a professional.

Easy To Maintain

Natural stones, unlike other tile installation alternatives, are incredibly easy to wash, preserve, protect, re-polish, and polish. Simply employ professional natural stone floor cleaners, and they will look after your lovely floors.

Variety Of Shades & Colors 

Natural stone has natural color variations because it is not manufactured in a company. Always buy a bit extra than you require just should you find any bits you don’t like or if you want it for restorations subsequently.


Natural stones have a greater lifespan than most other flooring options. You can maintain your natural stone blemish-free for a lot longer if you use the correct cleaning procedures, tools, apparatus, and expertise. Thus, it is best to consult a professional before performing cleaning yourself.

What is the best way to clean natural stone floors?

What Is The Best Way To Clean Natural Stone Floors?

To clean natural stone floors optimally, it is best to follow these steps; 

  • To eradicate any dust grains, hoover or dust the floor.
  • Fill a bucket halfway with lukewarm water and then use it alone or add a little quantity of approved stone floor cleaner, dishwashing liquid, or a mild all-purpose solvent.
  • Use a conventional wet mop or immerse a microfiber cloth first into the bucket, wring out completely, then connect to the mopping pole to start mopping.
  • Beginning at the farthest end of the space, systematically wipe the floors all the way to the space’s doorway.
  • Permit the floors to dry naturally.

You could maintain your natural stone floors looking good for years by following a few precautionary precautions. Natural stone tiles need little maintenance and they offer a great look to the house interiors. With regular stone tile floor cleaning and sealing, they last for many years.

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