Go Through Our Fire Emergency Procedure Step By Step

March 12, 2021
Go Through Our Fire Emergency Procedure Step By Step

A house fire can occur because of various reasons. It results from either your mistakes or accidents out of your control. And it always comes without any prior warning.

Examples include dryer vent fire, electric short-circuit, faulty wiring, and appliance breakdown. Either way, the one who suffers is you. Not to forget, fire hazards are traumatic and deadly.

So when this event occurs, the first thing you should do is call the fire department. Once the fire is in control, you can control the damage by calling professional fire damage restoration services.

Fire damage restoration contractors offer many benefits to devastated property owners. They help reduce the overall damage and help to rehabilitate the property in time. But how do they do it? Here’s the fire emergency procedure step-by-step guide the experts follow.

Fire Emergency Procedure Step By Step Guide Experts Follow

♦ Check The Stability of Your Property

Due to the fire, the property’s structure is questionable. Fire can damage load-bearing structures like arches, beams, and columns, risking stability. Apart from this, wooden items are liable to be the most destructed. All this causes immense soot and debris that can be dangerous. Therefore, fire damage restoration workers start the fire emergency procedure by checking the integrity of the infrastructure. If it’s stable, then only they begin the restoration process.

♦ Decrease The Amount of Damage

Fire damage restoration experts start by opening up the windows and doors to clear out the smoke. Then, they clean soot and debris from the site. Besides this, they also discard damaged house items due to the fire. A fire leaves a lot of soot, smoldering objects, and ash debris. The professionals extinguish any burning items and sort through the mess for restorable and non-restorable belongings.

♦ Removal of Extra Water and Drying Process

Water is needed to extinguish the fire, and now it’s all everywhere. Hence, the experts remove the water from the property to start the restoration. They use commercial-grade dehumidifiers, air movers, and extractors to eliminate the maximum amount of moisture. It is essential because residual dampness can give rise to a mold infestation.

♦ Deodorizing, Stain Removal, and Structural Restoration

Experts start the deep-cleaning process of the entire house. The procedure includes the removal of fire stains, soot, and smoke marks. It is then followed by deodorizing the area to mask the smell. Lastly, they will rebuild the structural damages and provide you with a house just like before.

Wrapping Up 

A fire damage restoration professional is an expert in cleaning and restoring a fire hazard site. These professionals follow a multi-step process to ensure the structure is safe before entering the property. They first remove the bulky debris, making their way inside. The primary inspection involves ensuring the structural stability and the extent of the damage.

Once done, the professionals start clearing up granulated debris and soot. They sort out the reclaimable objects and discard the damaged ones. Post this; experts need to completely dehumidify the premises to ensure no mold infestation or water damage occurs. Professionals then deep-clean the entire premises to facilitate a smooth restoration process.

Then they restore the property structure, such as floorboards and drywall. Afterward, they finish their task by restoring the other sections, including reclaimable objects collected during the earlier phase.

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