How To Fix Water Leaking From The Ceiling?

January 16, 2023
How To Fix Water Leaking From The Ceiling

Water leaking from the ceiling is not easily identifiable as the clues hinting at a problem are very small, and you can miss them easily.  But if there are dark spots on your ceiling, bubbling paint, and continuous dripping water, there may be a water leak on your roof. In this article, we will discuss how to fix this problem.

Steps To Fix Water Leaking From The Ceiling

Catch The Water

A major problem with water leaking from the ceiling is that it can damage the things below, including expensive carpets, flooring, and furniture. The first step you should take while dealing with water leaking from the sealing is to remove the items directly in the splash zone, away from the leak.

Then, you need to place at least a gallon size bucket underneath the source of the leak to catch water. Depending on how fast the water fills the bucket, you will need to drain it to ensure that the water doesn’t overflow.

Stop The Water Flow

If the leak is due to a plumbing issue, you should ensure that the water use in that area and the tap is restricted. But if you are not able to locate the source of the issue and the water flow is heavy, you should turn off the main water supply to your home until you fix the problem.

But if the leak is due to any roofing issue, it can be due to rainwater which is harder to control. If the water is leaking from more than one source, then with a sharp tool, create a hole in your ceiling. It will create a single opening for water to flow through rather than multiple openings, which can cause more damage.

 Fix The Source Of The Leak

If you are confident about the source of a leak, then it may be possible for you to fix it by yourself.

However, when you can’t pinpoint the source of a leak, you can find it by narrowing down your options. First, you should check out if the source of the problem is interior issues like plumbing or exterior issues like a hole in the roof.

Once you know the problem, it is easier to fix it. So whether it is interior plumbing repairs in the kitchen or bathroom or exterior repairs like fixing a broken gutter, after you know what the problem is, you can start doing basic repair work to fix it.

But if you experience the same issues even after you have done the repairs, you should consider hiring a professional water damage restoration service to help you out.

Fix The Ceiling

After you have repaired the source of the leak, it is time to fix your ceiling. Do the following to repair your damaged ceiling.

  • If the area of the leak is small, you can dry the water from your ceiling by cutting a small hole around the leak and pointing a fan toward the ceiling, this will dry the minor area of the water leak, and after that, you can fix the hole with plaster and repainting.
  • But for larger leaks, you will have to cut off the damaged part of your ceiling to dry the area above your ceiling with a fan.
  • After ensuring that the area is completely dry, using a screwdriver, screw two pieces of wood ( approx two by four inches)  onto the beams that support your ceiling.
  • Then measure the area of your ceiling that you need to replace and cut a replacement drywall of similar measurement.
  •  With some help, screw the new drywall onto the two wooden pieces.
  • Once the drywall is in place, you should paint it to match the color & texture of your ceiling.

Bottom Line

Water leaks from the ceiling are a huge inconvenience. But fortunately, it is possible to fix water leaking from the ceiling by following the steps we have mentioned here.

However, if water leaks do not stop after you have fixed them or you don’t have the required tools to fix the issue, it may be time to hire a professional water damage restoration service to repair your ceiling.

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