How To Fix Water Leaking From The Ceiling?

October 22, 2021
How To Fix Water Leaking From The Ceiling?

The ceiling leaks are terrible no matter if they occur from your roof, attic, or in upper floors. It will cause a watery situation in your home. So, the best thing is you can trace the water origin, stop it, and repair the water leaking from the ceiling immediately. Learn here the steps for it and also the common signs for ceiling leaks.

Common Signs Of Water Leaking From The Ceiling

Water leaking through the ceiling will drip directly onto the floors and so it becomes difficult to detect it. Also, it often drips down on the walls of your house. Some common water damage ceiling signs are:

1) Applying Bubbled Ceiling Paint: When you apply the interior latex paint to the ceiling, it can hold water like a balloon. This water will pass on to the ceiling drywall and plaster.

2) Dark Or Rancid Color Water Dripping: When your white ceiling drips dark-color water, then it is a sign of leakage. It will create a musty smell in your home.

3) Different Events Causing Leaks: When there is heavy snowfall or rainfall in your area, then also the ceiling leakage occurs.

Steps To Fix Water Leaking From The Ceiling

1) First, remove all types of water-soaking ceiling drywall installations in your home.

2) Now, cut back the damaged and undamaged drywalls near to its joists.

3) Then, add 2/4 length drywall along the joists that can give an attachment surface for the drywall screws.

4) Again, cut ⅝ inch drywall thick sheet matching to the size of the missing panel.

5) With the help of a handy assistant tool, lift the cut drywall into place.

6) Use the cordless drill tool and drywall screws to screw the drywall in the ceiling properly.

What Do You Do If Your Ceiling Is Leaking?

To stop leakage in your ceiling for a short period of time, patch it with tar or cement. Afterwards, you can use the 6 steps shown above to fix water leaking from the ceiling. However, if the leakage is more, then you should call a professional soon before the water damage situation occurs in your home.

We at Total Solution Cleaning And Restoration are the top-rated and cost-effective water damage restoration service providers at the Elgin location. Our professionals are experienced and will detect the source of water easily to repair your leaking ceiling using the best tools.

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