Tips on Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

March 20, 2023
Tips on Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Hardwood floor gives your home luxurious and rustic vibes and enhances its ambiance. But hardwood floors also require more care and attention to maintain their appearance for a long time. So if you want to maintain the pristine appearance of your hardwood floor, here is the solution.

While investing in professional hard floor cleaning services can help you preserve your hardwood floors, you can also do it yourself by following these 5 useful tips for cleaning and maintaining the hardwood floors.

5 Useful Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining the Hardwood Floors

1. Wipe off Spills Immediately

You should wipe out any drink, including water spilled on the floor, as soon as possible. It is because the hardwood swells or shrinks depending on the moisture in the air. Hardwood floors are sensitive to temperature and humidity, so make sure your hardwood floor is never in contact with water for long and check that your home’s humidity isn’t too high.

2. Do not Drag Heavy Objects on the Floor. Lift them

Never drag heavy objects like furniture on your hardwood floor, as that will leave scratches. It can be difficult to hide or repair those scratches. So, lift heavy objects to avoid the possibility of damage.

Tip: Attach furniture pads to your furniture’s legs to protect your floor from scratches.

3. Remove the Dust Daily from your Hardwood Floor

Sweeping daily removes all the dirt and debris gathered on the hardwood floor. Vacuuming is also the best way to clean all the dirt and debris from your hardwood floor. Avoid using steam mops, wet mops, furniture polish, or abrasive products. Clean your hardwood floor using a microfibre mop. The fibers in the mop attract and trap the dirt. You just have to toss the mop head in the washer, and you will have a clean mop each time.

4. Remove Footwear Before Entering the Hardwood Floor

Your footwear will have many foreign objects stuck in it, which you will surely bring inside the house if you don’t remove it outside. Therefore, removing the footwear before entering the hardwood floor is essential. Your footwear will make the floor dirty, and cleaning and maintaining it will become harder for you.

5. Use the Right Hardwood Cleaner

You should always look for a hardwood floor cleaner that does not contain harsh chemical components. Some harmful chemicals might cause damage to your floor, such as affecting its polish. Therefore you should always try to use floor cleaners that usually clean the dirt and stains without harming your hardwood floor.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors Properly?

After learning the tips on hardwood floor cleaning, you should also know the correct way to clean it. You should do the following to ensure the complete cleaning of your hardwood floors.

  • The first step for cleaning the hardwood floor is sweeping or vacuuming. You need to first remove the dirt and debris by sweeping out. If you are not sweeping with a broom, then make sure to do the vacuuming.
  • Then prepare a solution using water and dish soap or vinegar. Mix the solution well and dip the microfiber mop into the same. Squeeze out the water from the mop until it stops dripping. You should always use a damp mop. Start mopping the hardwood floor in a single direction.
  • After wiping out, let the flooring get air-dried, or you can clean the floor with a dry cloth.
  • If you find any scratches or tough stains on the floor, you can scrub them using baking soda and clean them off.

Summing Up

The tips mentioned here will help ensure the complete clean-up of your hardwood floors. Showing proactivity and alertness in removing spills and debris immediately from your hardwood floors, you can protect them from damage.

But if you want to save time or your hardwood floors require deeper cleaning, you should consider hiring professionals. There are many benefits to opting for a professional hard floor cleaning service to ensure your hardwood floor retains its look for many years.

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