3 Things You Should Know About Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

December 15, 2020
Things You Should Know About Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

The carpet needs no reason or season to clean. Be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the summer holidays, it’s just the right time for cleaning. There are different types of processes available for professional carpet cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction (HWE) is considered the best method in the carpet industry. So, to have your carpet deep cleaned, know about the hot water extraction carpet cleaning.

What You Should Know About Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

It is important to know what is going to happen to your carpet. The cleaning methods use different technology, which has seen tremendous improvements over time.

1. What is Hot Water Extraction?

It is a method to remove the deep stains in the carpets using high-pressure hot water. It has specialized technology to deal with the tough spots and clean the carpet effectively.

2. How Does It Work?

With the changes in the requirements, the hot water extraction cleaning method has also witnessed changes with technological advancements.

The high pressure applied to the hot water extracts the dirt from the fiber and removes the stains.

3. Benefits of Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Elgin

a. Effectiveness

This method is effective as it reaches the carpet deep inside, which is not possible by a vacuum cleaner. Hence, for a deep cleaning Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning is preferred.

b. Environment-friendly

The amount of cleaning agents used is minimal and home-friendly. This does not harm the kids and pets, thus keeping the environment safe.

c. Water Factor

Water is the main source of cleaning here which makes it more suitable for people suffering from allergies or respiratory problems. Also, there is no chemical residue left after the treatment.

Professional Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning!

You may want to rent a machine to do it yourself. Read more about DIY vs Professional carpet cleaning. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ so, before the carpets become too worn, filthy, and stained, step up to save them.

Total Solution Cleaning and Restoration understands your needs and provides you the best as per your requirements. We have:

  • Trained and certified carpet cleaners
  • Experts use effective tools, equipment.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

We also provide services like upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and Hardfloor care, mold remediation, and more.

We look forward to relieving you from your busy schedule. Call us on (815) 575 0568 for more information. Follow our Pinterest page to get more updates.

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