How To Prevent Fire Accidents At Workplace?

August 27, 2021
How To Prevent Fire Accidents At Workplace?

We dedicate more than eight hours of our lives to the office daily. This warrants the need to have safety protocols related to fire hazards in place. A structured plan needs to be formulated to prevent fire accidents at the workplace.

Research shows that, on average, fire leads to one million deaths globally. One-quarter of those deaths result from exposure to hazardous substances which can cause cancer, respiratory and nervous system disorders. Aside from this, there is detrimental damage to infrastructure as well.

Top 5 Tips To Prevent Fire Accidents At Workplace

1) Regular Audits Of The Fire Alarm

Monthly audits will help you schedule maintenance or conduct repairs when required. The proper functioning of fire alarms and smoke detectors acts as the best fire prevention tip at your workplace.

2) Daily Checking Of Equipment And Tools

As mentioned above, regular audits are effective ways of preventing fire outbreaks. It reduces the possibility of overheating, unprotected sparks or short circuits. Employees should not attempt to perform repairs on electrical items unless they are qualified.

3) Proper Storage Placement

One of the most important fire prevention tips is the proper placement of equipment. Research shows that not only is it essential to have well-functioning machinery but it also matters where they are placed.

When dealing with chemicals, it is crucial to ensure that all employees have read and understood the fire emergency steps properly. No open flames should be permitted in the storage to prevent fire accidents at workplace.

4) Maintaining Cleanliness

An organized office will have the electrical panels easily accessible to shut down the system when necessary. A clutter can hamper the access to fire escapes or other emergency exits and even fuel an already-started fire.

5) Minimizing Human Error

Employees need to be trained on what is workplace fire safety. This includes smoking only in demarcated areas. In places where chemicals are stored, smoking should be strictly prohibited.

What Is The Best Defense Against Fire?

The best defense against fire is to be prepared for it in advance, so take care of your fire extinguishers in an emergency. As such reporting, every electrical hazard or malfunction is primal to prevent fire accidents at workplace. With over 20 years of experience, Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration is a fully licensed, insured and IICRC certified fire damage restoration service provider in Elgin. We are specialized in several services, ranging from fire cleanup to drywalls as well as insurance.

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