Most Effective Porcelain Tile Cleaning Methods

Porcelain tiles are best suited for interiors of residential and commercial spaces because of their elegant looks. They are renowned for their great endurance and durability. It’s also one of the tile flooring types that require less maintenance.

But regular porcelain tile cleaning is a must to maintain its looks and durability. There are many methods you can use to deep-clean your porcelain tile flooring. Here we have shared a few of them.

1. Vacuum Thoroughly

Dirt and debris can scratch your polished porcelain tiles and ruin their delicate finish. You should vacuum the porcelain flooring regularly to prevent the accumulation of soil particles before they can damage your flooring.

2. Mop with Warm Water

A simple way to restore the appearance of ceramic tiles is by mopping them with warm water and mild detergent. Mix a little bit of mild detergent and warm water in a bucket. Take a mop, dip it inside the solution, and apply it all over the tiled surface.

Give the solution a few minutes to work on the tiles. After that, take a sponge dipped in clear water and clean the solution from the floor. Remove the excess moisture from the tiles and let them dry without interruptions.

3. Clean with Vinegar Solutions

White vinegar is an effective household item you can use to clean porcelain tiles. Follow this method for effective results.

  • Mix one cup of white vinegar and a gallon of warm water in a bucket. Avoid adding excess vinegar.
  • Then dip a mop into the solution and soak it completely.
  • After that, apply the cleaning solution to one part of the room and reach the other side by mopping in a circular direction. In this way, cover the entire surface with the solution.
  • Next, leave the cleaning solution on the tiles for 5-10 mins to let it work its magic on dirt and grime.
  • After that, dip the mop in clean water and wring out the excess to remove the cleaning solution.
  • Then rinse the tile with a clean mop and water to remove the vinegar solution.
  • Next, remove all the extra water from the surface using a dry cloth.
  • Finally, let the floor dry completely, and avoid walking on it while it’s wet.

Tip: Do not use vinegar on natural stone tiles, as that can permanently damage them. Only use vinegar on porcelain tiles.

4. Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Using a steam cleaner on your glazed porcelain tiles is another way to deep-clean them. You can either hire a professional tile, grout, and hard floor cleaning company or rent a steam cleaner to do it yourself. If you go with the latter, you can do it the following way.

  • Vacuum and sweep the surface thoroughly to remove the bigger pieces of dust and debris. This is to prevent them from interfering with the machine.
  • Once the floor is ready, prepare the cleaner by removing its cap and adding distilled water.
  • Attach a soft cloth to the steam cleaner’s head.
  • Next, plug the machine into a power outlet.
  • Squeeze the trigger on the handle to release the steam, and start cleaning by moving around the vacuum head.

You can easily clean your porcelain tiles with this method. But ensure that you don’t fill any liquid other than water inside the steam cleaner to avoid damage.

5. Professional Cleaning

If nothing else works on your porcelain tiles and they still look dull despite your best efforts, it’s time to call experts. Pros have the proper tools and equipment to clean ceramic tiles properly.

With their experience, professionals can deal with all types of stains on porcelain tiles and prevent them from returning. Moreover, calling experts for ceramic tile restoration takes the stress away from your shoulders.

At Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration, you can trust our trained professionals with your delicate tile. With us, you get 100% guaranteed results and sparkling white porcelain tiles.

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