How Are Professional Smoke Odor Removal Services Helpful After Fire Damage?

July 19, 2021
How Are Professional Smoke Odor Removal Services Helpful After Fire Damage

There is nothing worse than fire accidents at home. It destroys everything it comes in contact with. Sadly, the damage is such that most is irreversible and also causes water damage and smoke problems inside your home.

One of the biggest problems that all homeowners face is the stubborn smoke odor in their house. Smoke is extremely hard to remove and stays inside your home for ages, causing your indoor air quality to dip.

So, if you are unfortunate to witness a fire incident at your place and want to get rid of the smoke it left behind, hire professional smoke odor removal services. Here are a few of the ways they can help you.

3 Ways In Which Professional Smoke Odor Removal Services Help You

♦ Remove Smell From The House

The professional fire damage restoration company will open up all the windows and doors to remove the smoke smell. By using the mechanism of positive pressure to suck out all the smoke from each room. In this mechanism, the pressure inside the room is higher than that of the outside, causing the air to travel outside.

♦ Deep Clean The House

Professional smoke odor removal services after fire damage proceed to remove all the traces of smoke by deep cleaning the house. Fire damage restoration contractors clean all the surfaces of your house that includes carpets, upholsteries, curtains, windows, HVAC systems, mattresses, etc.

♦ Repaint The Walls

Many don’t know this fact but paint also retains the smell of smoke. Experts use fire smoke odor removal products to clean the walls. Once clean, they later proceed to apply primer on the walls and then re-paint them to completely eradicate the smoke smell from your house.

The Best Professional Smoke Odor Removal Services In Elgin!

Is the smell of smoke after a fire harmful? Yes, it is. That is why we recommend you call professional fire restoration specialists from Total Solutions Cleaning & Restoration in Elgin. We work around the clock to restore your property to normal.

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