Water Damage Carpet: How to Clean and Restore Your Flooring in Elgin, IL

Many people of Elgin invest in beautiful carpets to uplift the look of floorings. But the carpet is one such investment that mostly gets affected due to unpredictable situations like water damage which can directly influence the beauty of your floorings.

In such adverse circumstances, do not panic and start cleaning your carpets to save them from further damage. This article has listed several best ways to clean your carpet after water damage. Read the write-up and implement these steps before it is too late.

5 Steps To Clean Your Carpet After Water Damage

1. Examine the different water types.

Water damage in your house can occur due to rainwater, overflow of sewage water, and other reasons. So before initiating the carpet cleaning process, examine the type of water through its color. Different types of water damage;

∗ Clean Water: The water damage due to rainwater does not damage your carpet extensively, and there are several ways to clean your carpet.

∗ Gray Water: The gray water damage in your house is due to the gush of chemical-contaminated water from washing machines and dishwashers. It requires thorough deep cleaning or a replacement.

∗ Black Water: The black water damage is due to sewage, toilet backflows, and storms. In this type of overflow of water, it is difficult to clean the carpet thoroughly. In such cases, it is better to replace your carpet.

You can proceed to further steps based on the types of water damage.

2. Clean and dry the carpets

Vacuuming your carpet using a wet-dry vacuum can be effective enough to clean your carpets after water damage. You can also try to apply pressure with the help of a clean and dry towel to pump out flood water from the carpet.

After cleaning your carpets, dry them by turning on the fans. You can also use a dehumidifier for drying your carpets. Dehumidifiers also help in laying out the fresh air in the house and remove moisture from the air.

3. Replace the carpet padding.

Water damage can also ruin the carpet’s spongy designed pads. Thus, after cleaning the carpet surface, it is essential to replace the carpet pad. The carpet pad soaks up water and can become a hub of allergens, mold, and mildew.

Lift your carpet and replace the padding. You can also take help from professional services to clean the carpet and replace the carpet padding.

4. Disinfect your carpet

Disinfecting the carpet is crucial to prevent the unfurl of harmful diseases. You can apply a cleaning solution to sanitize your carpet. Distilled white vinegar also works best to disinfect the carpets.

Some cleansing solutions that help disinfect carpets are Lysol, Arm & Hammer Extra Strength, and many others.

5. When to call the professionals

In situations like water damage, it is difficult to clean the carpets in the best way with DIY methods, so in such scenarios, professional carpet cleaning is more effective than DIY cleaning.

Many people in Elgin, IL prefer to hire professional services to clean the carpets with the best tools and well-equipped staff. Professionals use products and tools that can prevent mold formation in your carpet.

Best carpet cleaning professionals in Elgin, IL

After water damage, it is difficult to pump out the contaminated water and clean the carpets. Total Solution & Restoration will help you to get out of these tough times by deep cleaning your carpets.

Our experienced team uses the best tools and products to disinfect the carpet and prevent mold growth. Call us today at (815) 575-0568 to clean the rugs and restore the beauty of the floorings.

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