What Does Lemon Juice Do To The Carpet?

October 24, 2022
What Does Lemon Juice Do To The Carpet_

Well, lemons are mostly known for their whitening properties. As a result, many homeowners blindly apply it on the carpet, thinking that it will whiten and brighten their carpet. However, that’s not the case with lemon.

Lemon juice leaves behind stains. So, if you are wondering, does lemonade stain carpet too? Well, then the answer is yes. Both sugar and lemon are bad for the carpet as they leave a sticky residue that attracts filth.

The answer to what does lemon juice do to the carpet is that it stains it. But, several methods that can help you reverse it. Read below to know them.

How Do You Remove Lemon Stains From Carpet?

⇒ Take a container and add two cups of cool water and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in it to make the cleaning solution.

⇒ Soak a clean cloth in this cleaning solution and then dab the cloth onto the lemon juice stain.

⇒ Continue dabbing on the stain till the stain is completely removed from the carpet.

⇒ Once the stain is gone, drench a clean cloth in cold water and use it to blot the stained area. The cloth will absorb the cleaning solution as well as the stained water.

⇒ Lastly, to quicken the drying process take a clean cloth and use it to blot the excess moisture from the carpet.

Note: In case you are still not able to remove the lemon juice stain from the carpet using the above method, then there are two alternate methods you can use. First, make a cleaning solution by mixing one tablespoon of ammonia with two cups of warm water to remove the stain. Second, hire a carpet cleaning service.

Research on how to hire professional carpet stain removal services and hire them to remove stubborn lemonade stains from your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning specialists use various cleaning methods, tools, and products that ensure the complete removal of all stains, dirt, and germs from the carpet.

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